Charly H. Fox (born Prokopis Georgakopoulos) caught the music bug as a young child. He was fascinated with music, and how music affected people. He believes that music is not only an expression of personal feelings, but a true outlet for artists to reach out to many people. He believes that music can truly express what people sometimes aren’t able to.

Charly’s professional career as a DJ began in 1990. Initially he played a mixture of Disco, Soul and Rock. The dance scene is where his passion lies. At age 14, he began mixing music to entertain party goers at the local clubs of Tripolis. He immediately became a local favorite by filling clubs to capacity and entertaining till all hours of the night.
When he finished school, he moved to Athens to study music production and sound engineering. By obtaining the formal knowledge of music and sound, Charly was able to combine that with his personal preferences to enable him to fine tune his art form. Currently as the sound he is able to influence a new generation of people who share his passion.
Charly collaborated with Kevin Sunray to create Unlove Music. Unlove is a digital label for new and upcoming artists to have their music produced and published . Charly’s professional career has allowed him to travel throughout Greece to perform and entertain.

In spring 2010, Charly made his international debut at Stone Lotus in Chicago. Currently, Charly continues to entertain in Greece by collaborating and mixing with various artists. When asked who he would like to collaborate with next, his response was simple “I will work with anyone who shares the love of music I do”

Up to this time he had made remixes for many artists such as Antoine Clamaran ,  Mario Ochoa , Lulu Hughes , Bartosz Brenes , Alex Roque ,Tina Riobo , Otherview , Ian Osborn and many more .

You can find his productions on via Unlove Recordings , Suma Records , LAD Publishing & Records , Gotta Keep Faith & Le Mans Recordings .