Let the music play

Leon El Ray – Baby Blue (Charly H. Fox Dark Remix)

The track itself comes in no fewer than eight mixes which between them provide the opportunity
to bring Baby Blue to the widest possible audience.
The deep, soul drenched Main Mix and lighter, rhodes and guitar infused
DJ Greg Soulful Mix are both just as pleasant on a sun kissed beach as they are suited to the dance floor.
DJ Floy’s Spiritual Mix drums up a storm with tribal rhythms while
Nikos Diamadopoulos provides a darker, edgier spin on proceedings.
CJ Giovanni’s Organ Dub Mix is a moody affair before the
Charly H Fox Dark Mix does exactly what the title suggests.
Zen Men’s 610 Remix offers a chilled down tempo alternative with the package being completed
by Georg Nuefeld’s Deepchord Dub Mix. The common thread through
each of the mixes is a stunning performance by Bruno Soares on sax
which each of the remixers has treated sympathetically.